Cop Cam Review

cop cam as seen on tv

“Being at day all night is part of my job, but taking care of my mum’s health, who is unable to get up from the bed and stays alone all day, is my duty. This mini, wireless security camera helps me to secure my house and to keep a check on my mum’s health.”

Hey, I am John. And I am using this mini security camera for a year now. I am writing this review to let you know more about its advantages and disadvantages and other questions like-If is it worth buying? To know more about and in greater depth about this cop camp, continue reading and see how it changed my life.

Cop Cam Detailed Review

Cop Cam As Seen On TV Mini Spy Camera

The Atomic beam family tends to provide you with the best quality, powerful, durable, and reliable product that can be used in everyday life without much brainstorming. The best selling tactical gadgets by the company are manufactured for day to day use by keeping extreme weather conditions in mind. The company offers special weather-resistant lights so that you can use them anytime and anywhere.

The product comes in the size of 3*7*10 inches is absolutely small and nearly invisible to anyone is great and quite powerful but certainly not the only great product. The wireless Bluetooth connectivity offered by the product helps you to check the video footage anytime, anywhere possible.

The product has a powerful motion sensor that helps to record even the slightest action like falling of the leaves, throwing of the ball, and even one second of the appearance of any individual or even pets.

The loops are recorded in videos and to have clear and detailed sounds, the cam has an in-built microphone. This will allow you to have crystal clear hearing and full HD videos to see each and every action whenever any motion in the camera is being addressed. 

The dominant and well-built design of the minuscule action cam is recommended to use at homes as it comes with a hard-wired security camera check system which is exorbitant. The wireless security camera of nearly one square inch can be hidden anywhere.

You can easily mount the miniature action cam anywhere even on the walls. The dash camera comes with rechargeable batteries and can easily be connected via your Bluetooth.

In addition to all the qualities, this mini cam comes with an additional feature of night recording.

The cam uses six red infrared LED lights which will help you to see clear video footage even at night. The infrared LED light emitted by the mini machine is invisible to human eyes. Hence, it ensures the complete safety of the house. The amazing night feature of the cam works both indoor and outdoor. Hence, can be used anywhere inside the home.

This security cam is way more than this only. It has a swivel clip which helps it turn into a cop cam or dashcam or even mini action cam. Using this small yet extremely robust and sturdy camera, you can easily upload videos over the internet.

It is difficult to check the video recording in order of date and time. As when the cam is attached to the PC or laptop or any other viewing deceives, it comes with three folders images, video, and time rest. Do set the date and time before using the product.

Another thing I didn’t like about the product is the low and purple quality of the video. No doubt, it works extremely well in proper daylighting conditions but it is not so much worth it during the night.

Another one of the major drawbacks is the small memory card. The memory card needs to be cleaned or recycled after every week approximately. This could be more exhausting and frustrating for many users.

Arguments in favor:

  • Motion-activated camera

  • Offers hard-wired security camera check system

  • Comes with an additional night mode

  • Can turn into cop camp, dash cam, or even mini action cam

  • Simple, durable, and reliable

  • Can be attached to anywhere

  • Offers HD videos and has an in-built microphone

  • Can be used both indoor and outdoor

Arguments against:

  • Small space of memory card

  • Night mode isn’t much effective

  • Does not hold a charge for a longer time

What is included in the package?

The small camera isn’t the only product you will receive after making a purchase.

Additional items offered:

  • One Cop Cam by Atomic Beam

  • Swivel clip

  • Wall mount

  • USB charging cable

  • 8GB SD card.

The Summary

Hope my words and experience with the mini camera helps you to guide if it’s suitable for you. The security cam is a highly recommended product if you want to use it in a day or even in the proper lighting. The performance of the microphones is quite satisfactory. I hope this article helps you in the best way possible. Happy reading!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Till what distance I Can Record The Videos Using This Cam?

Ans1. The videos can be recorded for up to 20feets.

Q2. Is There Any Necessity To Use A Cam With Wi-fi Or It Can Work Separately Without A Wi-fi Connection?

Ans2. No. The mini cam does not require any wi-fi connection for the performance. it can work separately.

Q3. How To Delete The Recording Of The Taken By Camera?

Ans3. To delete the recording taken by the camera, plug your camera into your laptop or PC to have access to the footage.