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How To Find Out Where The Employee Went?

Probably every owner of a car park wants to know how his driver uses the transport, where and at what speed he drove, where and for what period he stopped, whether he exceeded the pace and finally where the car was parked outside of working hours. Nowadays, it is straightforward to install a GPS tracker on a vehicle and receive all this information on your smartphone or computer.

How To Track A Car Using GPS?

Tracking the car is much easier than it seems. After installing a GPS tracker on your vehicle, the device starts constantly transmitting coordinates from GPS satellites via the Internet to your smartphone or computer. You see everything in real-time and the coordinates the tracker transmits and parameters such as current speed date and time. And also, you can see if the car is worth it and the downtime.

route tracking GPS

How To Track The Route And Speed Of A Car Using GPS?

The principle of generating reports is also straightforward. In your account, you can select the period for which you want to see the information, for example, for a day, week, or month, or you can specify it manually, even for several hours. You will see the whole route of the car on the map and the average and maximum speed, the number of kilometers traveled. As well as the place of stops. An example of a report is in the picture below.

How Much Does GPS Monitoring Cost Per Month?

Our online store recommends using such tariffs with the tracker as IoT15 from lifecell (15g per month) or Kyivstar sensor tariff (1g per day)
Accordingly, you pay only a subscription fee only according to the tariffs of mobile operators.

How To Choose A GPS Tracker?

We suggest considering our top proven and reliable trackers to choose the right GPS tracker and not overpay for functionality you do not need.

Car GPS Tracker

  • For installation in the car, under a torpedo, or in the glove compartment, and if you do not need to connect external sensors, such as a thermometer, pressure sensor, or fuel level, then the GT02A GPS tracker will be an ideal choice.
  • For outdoor installation, consider the Sinotrack ST-901 GPS Tracker
  • Sino truck ST-902 GPS tracker will be a good choice for connection to the OBD II connector.
  • If you want to hide the device deeply, you cannot do without external GPS and GSM antennas; then the GPS tracker TK103 will be a good choice.
  • And finally, if you need to use external sensors and antennas, then choose Teltonika trackers. They are ideal for special equipment and trucks.

How To Set Up And Install A GPS Tracker?

All trackers you buy in our online store are configured and ready to use; connect the device to your car’s power supply (two wires + and -) and install the application on your phone or enter your login password on the monitoring site. An exception is installing external sensors, such as a fuel level sensor or a tire pressure sensor; here, you will need to contact a specialized service station.

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